Big Atomic Lantern Boy
Big Atomic Lantern Boy
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Base Of Operations Tokyo
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Green
Marital Status Single
Occupation Media Superhero
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 2 Issue 008
Big Atomic Lantern Boy (or Biggu Genshi Rantanbōi) is a member of the Super Young Team.

History Edit

A fan of the Green Lantern Corp since he was a child Big Atomic Lantern Boy was given a harness by Most Excellent Superbat which allowed him to join the Super Young Team as their Green Lantern equivalent.

Appearance Edit

Big Atomic Lantern Boy is a big man, usually found wearing a yellow trenchcoat with Green Lantern symbols on either side. His hair is shaved with a single cowlick, dyed green.

Big Atomic Lantern Boy's harness has a green porthole in the middle which permanently shows a green-coloured X-ray image of his chest.

Powers Edit

Big Atomic Lantern Boy's harness is the source of his powers. He can project energy blasts, utilise a scanning array that feeds into Most Excellent Super Bat's handheld computer and also has a hologram projection array for video conferencing

Allies and Enemies Edit

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