Real Name Calvin Bowie
Identity Public
Species Human/Spliced Hyena
Nationality American
Base Of Operations Gotham City
Gender Male
Height 6'8"
Weight 230lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Marital Status Single
Occupation Gang Member
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 2 Issue 003
Bow-Wow, real name Calvin Bowie, is a deceased gang member from Gotham City. He underwent splicing procedures to make him half-man, half-hyena but was killed by Scarface.

History Edit

Bow-Wow was a lesser metahuman criminal operating out of Gotham City who underwent splicing partly as a fashion statement and partly to increase his employment prospects. Hiring himself out to the highest bidder as muscle, he served alongside many criminals including Matter Master.

Bow-Wow was arrested while working for Matter Master but managed to claim diminished responsibility, claiming the splicing had interfered with his cognitive abilities. He was held in Blackgate Penitentiary but was one of the first inmates for the new Arkham Asylum.

This batch of inmates was hijacked by Scarface and the Ventriloquist, looking to enlist criminal footsoldiers in his effort to take control of Gotham's gangs. Bow-Wow couldn't take the split-dress woman and her talking puppet seriously... which proved to be a fatal mistake when he was shot and killed by Scarface.

Appearance Edit

Bow-Wow appeared as a walking hyena man: covered in fur, with a savage set of teeth and claws. He still wore some clothing, usually a pair of ripped jeans and a vest top.

Powers Edit

Calvin's hyena splicing procedure greatly increased his muscle mass, giving him greatly enhanced stamina and strength levels on the verge of what normal humans could achieve. This includeed a clearly metahuman speed, able to outrun pretty much any regular humans on-foot.

Bow-Wow was covered in thick hyena fur which grants him protection from some physical attacks, as well as insulating him from the cold. His claws and teeth were sharp and usable as weapons.

Allies and Enemies Edit

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