Daily Planet
Leader Jimmy Olsen

The Daily Planet is a newspaper based out of Metropolis. One of the great metropolitan newspapers of American, it is world famous for it's coverage of local hero Superman. Its current editor is Jimmy Olsen


The Daily Planet was founded in 1919 and had a reputation as something of a "maverick" paper, with outspoken editorials free of governmental or corporate influence. However, if often struggled with legal challenges and readership was limited compared to the city's tabloids.

It's fortunes changed in 1985 when Lois Lane was able to secure an interview with the newly-arrived Superman. Very quickly becoming the most famous superhero in the northern hemisphere, the Daily Planet's regular photos and interviews of superman were a huge draw and the broadsheet's circulation increased 700% in the month after Superman's first appearance.

In 2025 a supervillain attack on the Daily Planet saw many of it's staff members killed, including Lois Lane and publisher (and former editor) Perry White. Jimmy Olsen took on the role of acting editor and was eventually given the job permanently.