Das Ritter Von Nacht
Das Ritter Von Nacht
Real Name Franz Kayßler
Aliases The Berlin Batman
Identity Secret
Species Human
Nationality German
Base Of Operations Berlin
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Marital Status Single
Occupation Millionaire Playboy; Head Of Kayßler GmbH
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 1 Issue 001
Das Ritter Von Nacht (English: The Knight Of The Night) is a German superhero affiliated with the Justice League International. Also known as "The Berlin Batman", he operates out of Germany's capital with his sidekick, Die Eule-Kind.


Das Ritter Von Nacht first appeared in Berlin in the early 2030s. Initially operating alone, he was joined a year later by Die Eule-Kind, a teenage female sidekick. Germany never had much of a superhero tradition and when it did they were more magical characters or associated with the Nazi movement, so there was something of a novelty to his initial appearances.

Das Ritter Von Nacht was a founding member of the Justice League International and one of the members mind-controlled by the White Martian to turn on his fellows. To apologise for knocking Saturn Girl unconscious in this battle, Das Ritter Von Nacht invited her to dinner in his secret identity - the two have since enjoyed several such dates.


Das Ritter Von Nacht's outfit resembles a suit of armour. The basics of his outfit is a grey jumpsuit, formed from more modern body armour, with a dark grey cloak. Over that he wears chainmail gloves and plate boots & helmet. His face is concealed with the exception of his lower jaw; almost always in a humourless scowl.


Das Ritter Von Nacht is not a metahuman and has no powers. What he instead has is equipment and training.

For equipment, he has all the equipment that a multimillionaire can afford, including his Ritter-Motorrad motorcycles; a secret headquarters in the Kayßler Building; and all the gadgets he can fit into his Werkzeuggürtel (Utility Belt), from handcuffs to cutting torches to Ritteranges.

For training, Das Ritter Von Nacht spent a decade preparing himself for his role. He has high human strength, agility, athleticism and peak conditioning; skilled hand-to-hand combatant including mastery of Muay Thai and Capoeira; and excellent stealth & observation Skills. His physical abilities are comparable to an Olympian athlete.

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