Derek Powers is the former CEO of Wayne-Powers and the secret identity of Blight. Once Gotham's top businessman and one of the world's richest men, Derek is now being held at an undisclosed federal building under nuclear health and safety concerns



Derek Powers was the son of Warren Powers, founder of Gotham corporation Powers Technology. Derek took over this role upon his father's death and his excellent leadership saw his company flourish.

He attempted to take over Bruce Wayne's corporate empire at least once until finally succeeding, making Wayne Enterprises into Wayne-Powers. One of his first actions upon assuming leadership was to fire Lucius Fox Jr., its Vice-President. Powers soon gained the reputation of a corporate shark for his strategies of downsizing and gobbling up smaller companies. Under his leadership, Wayne-Powers continued to grow, and entered into the research and manufacture of weapons. Wayne became disgusted with what Powers was doing to his company, but given his poor health, Powers was free to run Wayne-Powers unsupervised.

Transformation To BlightEdit

When Powers develops a lethal mutagenic nerve gas and intends to sell it as weapon, one of his employees, Warren McGinnis, discovers evidence of the gas, and Powers has him murdered, causing the vengeful son Terry McGinnis to become Batman, who stops Powers' plans and exposes him to the gas; Powers is subjected to extreme radiation exposure to save his life, but as a side effect, his entire body becomes radioactive, rendering him translucent. He is able to hide his state and contain his radiation with special drugs and cosmetic skin that, over time, flakes off. He had become cursed with metahuman powers and sought to rid himself of his Blight.


While working with the Matter Master to cure himself of his radioactive curse, Derek Powers was captured by the Justice League. He managed to escape but the secret of his identity was out and he was arrested once again. Despite his raft of lawyers and influence with friends in high places, Derek Powers couldn't protect himself from the nuclear safety legislation thrown at him and he was taken to a secure facility.

His shares in Wayne-Powers passed on to his son, Paxton Powers. His role of CEO is currently up for selection, with Paxton Powers and current Wayne-Powers VP Adrian Ares the most likely candidates.


Derek Powers has a slimy, corporate spin personality. He is charming in a slightly too friendly way, able to schmooze with other executives with ease while making his ruthless streak abundantly clear.


In his normal form, Derek Powers appears as a middle-aged human male, almost always with his prematurely white hair well-groomed and in a fitted suit.