Victus Saxum is Latin for live rock. In this dimension all animals are composed of animate rock. No equivalent of plant life exists. Animals absorb energy directly from the blue sun above and the ground below.

Reproduction Edit

All life here is buds directly from the ground. Animals of a species will together spark the target rock to separate from ground. During this process the essence of the creatures involved is transferred to the new bud. There is no concept of gender and two or more individuals may start the budding process. The newly budded creature is fully formed and will not grow further. Behaviours and some memories are also inherited from it's parents however a specific personality will take some time to stabilise.

Victus Saxum Sapiens Edit

An intelligent humanoid species.

Their technology is based on rock and metal. With no equivalent of wood, coal, oil, or gas they rely on solar furnaces for refining and smelting ores. Mechanical power can be generated with solar concentrators or water power. Electronic devices have not yet been developed.

Their creation story centres on the rock below which is considered eternal. The first act of creation was the sun above. The second act of creation was the water that flows over the land. The third act of creation was the creatures that populate the land. The final act of creation was an intelligent species to appreciate the world.

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