Gotham City
Nation America

Once America's prime vacation city in the 1930s, when Gotham's bubble burst it left behind a legacy of disused amusement parks and shady slums. The gothic architecture may be mostly replaced by steel and glass skyscrapers following World War III but the city is no less imposing than it once was and the famous Sentinel of Justice statue still stands watch over a Gotham where gangs, drugs and prostitution run rampant.

Industries Edit

Wayne-Powers is headquartered here and is one of the world's biggest megacorps, growing from the already admirable Wayne Industries into a global powerhouse following purchase by billionaire Derek Powers.


Gotham City has a reputation for high crime levels, from the muggings of the opportunistic street punk to the schemes of the professional mobster to the over-the-tops actions of the masked criminals that have plagued it since the late 30s.

Most supervillains arrested in Gotham are imprisoned in Blackgate Penitentiary. With the rise of insane metahuman criminals, plans are afoot to build a new Arkham Asylum.