Real Name Inque Clay
Species Human
Gender Female
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Occupation International Thief

One of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, Inque is a master thief whose unique physiology makes capture & containment difficult. Sighted several times recently in Gotham carrying out industrial sabotage, she has become a thorn in the side of the latest Batman.

History Edit

Inque's origins and background remain undisclosed, but it is known that she was born into extreme poverty. Her precarious lifestyle eventually instilled in her an obsession with money, and that quickly became her raison d'être. She decided to take the easy way out and turned to the life of crime.

At some point afterwards, she allowed herself to become a biogenic mutant, allegedly for a substantial amount of money. From that point on, Inque put her talents for hire and became a corporate saboteur and became one of Interpol's most wanted.

She has clashed with Batman several times, with her work taking her to Gotham City and contracts which may have been taken out by Derek Powers.

Inque was one of numerous criminals freed while being transferred from Blackgate Penitentiary to Arkham Asylum. Unlike most of the others she was able to stay ont he move and evaded recapture.

Appearance Edit

Inque (Formless)

Inque in her formless state

Inque looks like a regular human, except for her whole body being in tones of blue & black. Her facial features are of indeterminate ethnic origin. She usually appears as though wearing a black catsuit - there is no evidence either way to indicate if she can or can't form up other outfits or disguises.

Whenever she goes undercover, Inque assumes a featureless humanoid form, with a white oval on her face, making her civilan identity unrecognizable.

Powers Edit

Inque is a polymorph, able to change her size and shape at will. Her body is a thick dark fluid that she can shape into a wide variety of forms, and harden herself to create weapons. She can form tentacles, flatten herself into a puddle, and regenerate herself, even from some residue. She has super strength and the ability to climb up walls and ceilings. Inque also possesses telescopic vision.

Inque's liquid body is subject to dilution in water, and solvents had an adverse effect on her physiology. She loses the ability to change shape if frozen

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