Justice League Roll Call


Vol. 2 Issue 002
Series Justice League Beyond
Volume Volume 2
Previous issue Vol. 2 Issue 001
Next issue Vol. 2 Issue 003

A half-dissolved truck careers across an empty road and as it comes off the road and hits a tree, six figures emerge and leap to safety, some of them carrying unconscious people over their shoulders. The Justice League are safe and have managed to save the cast of Sumeria 5000 from the supervillain who had abducted them. However, one of the robots had escaped into the sky. Although Steel Shiva tries to follow, the wave of Halomonas titanicae metal-eating bacteria had damaged his flight unit and it takes him some time to repair it, although The Living Statue has no such problems in sending his hawk, Nisus.

  • The robot contains a power system based on Adani Energies prototypes and appears to have been constructed by Takashi Megacorp.
  • The licence plate leads them to an abandoned video arcade.
  • Living Statue creates a scout who fits inside the capture robot shell.
  • Underneath the video arcade the team discover a room filled with Sumeria 5000 sets and the Ubergeek hurriedly updating a fan script.
  • Battle commences and, bar a gas leak, is successful.