Justice League Roll Call


Vol. 4 Issue 009
Series Justice League Beyond
Volume Volume 4
Previous issue Vol. 4 Issue 8
Next issue Vol 4 Issue 10


  • A Justice League contingent visits a children's hospital in Canberra, Australia.
  • Timothy Heaton's brain tumor is more complex than believed.... because under magnification it shows buildings and roads.
  • The prognosis is grim: if the microscopic city continues to grow and mine Timmy's brain, he'll die in weeks. The city must be given a chance to change it's ways but doctors will step in to cut the tumour out if needs be.
  • Dr Ryan Choi of Ivy University uses a White Dwarf Lens and energy storage belts to shrink the Justice League and inject them into Cephopolis
  • Cephopolis' ruling council are introduced to aliens... but reveal a limited view of Timmy as their whole universe, filled with "White Marauders"
  • The League discover one of the council, Le-Roj, has different views of the universe
  • An apocalyptic cult grows in the presence of the aliens, who bomb a power plant.
  • The Justice League save the power plant workers but worry that the power spike of the power plant exploding will seem as a stroke outside and the doctors will panic.
  • Cormac McCool prepares a magical ritual to transfer the city out of Timmy's head.
  • Technologic accompanies Le-Roj back to his wife Aral, where they launch their child in a rocket far away to the liver.
  • The Justice League leave Cephopolis and the city is transported out of the cerebellum.
  • Despite the best efforts of the doctors, the city can't be transplanted - the immune system of other hosts destroy the inhabitants.
  • Deep within Timmy's liver, two white blood cells find a crashed rocket.... and a child with mysterious powers therein.

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