Justice League Roll Call


Vol. 5 Issue 013
Series Justice League Beyond
Volume Volume 5
Previous issue Vol. 5 Issue 012
Next issue Vol. 6 Issue 001


  • The Justice League must face off against the Injustice League - complete with a mind-controlled Superman Secundus.
  • Superman Secundus is
  • The Justice League smash their way into the bowels of the White House in search of Lex Luthor, hiding in the nuclear bunker.
    • Zachary Zatara and Resurrection Man have difficulties when meta-gene-inhibiting nanites are in the air - but Technologic, Kiri and Steel Shiva come to their aid.
    • A whole bomb is set to flood the country with nanites but Kiri safely disables it.
  • The crisis comes to an end and Luthor's ploy is revealed. Vice-President Ross assumes the Presidency
    • Detective Chimp is freed from the Pentagon.
    • All the Injustice League are incarcerated... apart from
    • The body of Lena Luthor is taken from Lex Luthor; his brain is put in life support and stored in a federal prison.
      • "He'll never find her, Secundus. I put her where even he can't find her"
    • Technologic bids farewell to Uncle Sam, who departs until he is needed again
  • Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane receives a new doctor, Koemi Ebisu... who is very interested in working with the patient on Level 10.


  • First appearance of Koemi Ebisu, a new alias for Sexy Ruby Joker Girl.

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