Justice Society of America
Sponsor US Government
Jurisdiction America

The Justice Society of America (or JSA) were a superhero team founded in November 1940 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Originally set-up to unite the superheroes of the day around the goal protecting America's home front, it continued operation after World War II had started and finished and became the prototype for all superhero teams.

The JSA was initially disbanded in 1951 when they refused to remove their masks and reveal their identities to the House of Un-American Activities Commission (H.U.A.C.). However, with the founding of the Justice League those elder superheroes of the JSA who still had powers were convinced to reactivate, and alongside younger heroes adopting the mantles of parents or grandparents who had been in the JSA they continued operating in one form or another until World War III.

The Justice Society name is currently dormant.