Lena Luthor
Lena Luthor
Real Name Lena Lutessa Luthor
Species Human
Nationality American
Base Of Operations White House, Washington D.C.
Gender Female
Height 5' 9"
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Marital Status Single
Occupation President of the United States of America; Former LexCorp CEO
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 1 Issue 001

Lena Lutessa Luthor wa the 49th President of the United States of America. A Republican with a strong belief in conservative monetary policy and elected on a mandate which included removing the last vestiges of reliance on fossil fuels, her body was in fact controlled by her father Lex Luthor.


Aged forty-two, Lena Luthor was the daughter of the deceased LexCorp founder and supervillain Alexander “Lex” Luthor. Raised by her mother, an Italian contessa who was married to Lex briefly in the nineties, Lena clearly resembles her father with her green eyes and red hair. She gave up her training as a barrister to take over LexCorp following her father’s death, saving it from bankruptcy due to the association with a wanted fugitive. Lena’s eventual move into politics became a major talking point - divisive enough for her to be compared to Ronald Reagan or Hilary Clinton.

The issue of her parentage cannot be avoided in any political discussion, and while most people will admit it is unfair to hold someone accountable for their parent’s sins (especially when they were not even raised by the parent in question) the name “Luthor” cannot be discussed about Superman’s arch-nemesis coming up. The decision to keep her father’s surname and not to rebrand LexCorp is considered by a loud minority as a worrying message – that she is somehow proud of a man who said Genghis Khan, Attila The Hun and Adolf Hitler were his role models. Lena is always clear that she does not condone her father’s criminal acts, but for some that just isn’t enough.


It was discovered by Uncle Sam and the Justice League that Lena Luthor's body was in fact possessed by her father Lex Luthor - his brain had been downloaded into a chip prior to his death and implanted in her brain, allowing him to dominate her personality and control her.

Following this discovery and Luthor's defeat by the Justice League, the chip was withdrawn - whether Lena Luthor's "real" personality will ever recover is uncertain, with doctors theorizing that the neural overwriting would be a very slow process.