Lucas Messam is a reporter for the Daily Planet and the secret identity of Kiri. He died and was remade by nanites at Professor Quantum's lab on The Moon during a raid by Sexy Ruby Joker Girl.

History Edit

Since a young age Lucas was seen to have an exceptional mind. Lessons that his contemporaries struggled with he breezed through. What he lacked was focus. After mastering the basics of a subject there was always something more interesting to be found elsewhere. At the school this caused problems and eventually his parents started home schooling. Academic freedom gave him an immense breadth of knowledge. As long as he tested well the authorities didn't care about the details.

He attended college early and pursued his curiosity with a degree in journalism. His focus was little better here but it mattered less. He attended lectures for random classes, crashed tutorial sessions with stories of recent transfers, and was well known to the library staff for eclectic borrowing habits. He joined the college newspaper and television societies then used them as an excuse to visit everywhere else on campus.

Since graduating he has moved to several different countries. Once he has a handle on the language he doesn't feel preparation is essential. He's always managed to find employment doing something. Once he's found his feet a media job has always comes up. As long as the editor can be persuaded to keep him on a loose reign he can bring back some surprising, sometimes amazing stories.

While interviewing Professor Quantum he was held hostage by Sexy Ruby Joker Girl and died after falling into a tank of nanites. Fortunately he was remade and went on to cover Joker Girl's capture and Hiroshima Shadow's defeat. It made a fantastic story, international problems call for international solutions. He carefully left out any hint of his death.

Appearance Edit

Lucas is of average height with dark hair and eyes. He has Mario as well as European blood in his heritage giving him a slightly darker skin tone. His figure is well defined but with more grace than power. He has a friendly smile and a sparkle in his eyes for anyone new.

Personality Edit

He is always interested in something new but can have trouble seeing things through to the end. He has an amazing memory and can surprise people with detailed discussions about their own special interests.