Matter Master
Real Name Carson Jatts
Identity Public
Species Human
Nationality American
Gender Male
Hair Bald (Formerly Brown)
Marital Status Single
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 2 Issue 003
Matter Master is a villain with the innate power to transform the elements of inorganic matter into any other configuration - turning the hardest metal to tin or the air around a target to methane. He is currently imprisoned in Blackgate Penitentiary.

History Edit

Matter Master claims that he received his powers when a part of the former Justice League Satellite, destroyed in 2035 during the Superman/White Martian incident, landed near him. Whether it was breathing in gases, exposure to strange metals or simply a trauma activating a dormant meta-gene, Carson Jatts developed his powers almost instantly.

Realising he could make money out of them, Carson set about offering his transmutation powers on the black market. Several people took him up on the offer and in particular his ability to turn mundane rocks into Green Kryptonite made him a lot of money.

He was then employed by Blight to find a way to use his powers to cure him of his radioactive status. Carson and Blight were apprehended and, though they escaped, went their seperate ways both blaming the other for their capture.

Carson was recaptured trying to hire a team of Jokerz to launch a revenge attack of Blight and placed Blackgate Penitentiary. The prison team incorporated wood in his cell design in an effort to frustrate his powers.

Matter Master was one of several villains who was temporarily freed while being transferred to the new Arkham Asylum but promptly recaptured.

Appearance Edit

Carson Jatts is a forty-something human male, whose bald head and heavilly wrinkled features make him look much older than he actually is.

Powers Edit

Matter Master can, essentially, transform any inorganic element into any other inorganic element. This allows him to potentially convert any inanimate object into anything else In practice the end result has to be comparatively simper - the closer to a pure element, the better. (So creating lead is easier than creating an alloy which is easier than creating a complex object like a computer.)

His ability to control the atomic structure of objects allows him to lift objects with a thought. This has included himself, granting him a primitive form of flying.

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