Metahumans is the general term for those humans who exhibit superpowers. Whether born with mutations, displaying strange traits as they grow or granted unusual abilities by exposure to certain chemicals or other such triggers, all such are united under the title Metahuman.

Origin Of NameEdit

The prefix meta-, in this context, simply means "beyond"—as in metastable, which is beyond regular stability and ready to collapse at the slightest disruption, or metamorphosis, which is the state of going beyond a single shape.


Metahumans possess a "biological variant" usually called the meta-gene (also spelled "metagene"). This gene often lay dormant until a moment of extraordinary physiological stress activated it, and upon activation it would use the source of the biostress as a catalyst for "genetic change," resulting in metahuman abilities.

The existence of those born with superhuman abilities suggests the metagene can activate spontaneously and without any prior appearance in the ancestry. One well-known example involves the second Black Canary. Although her mother (the original Black Canary) was a superhero, she showed no superpowers and was simply a well-trained human. However, the second Black Canary was born with a metagene, the famed ultrasonic scream known as the Canary Cry.


Because of their unique powers, metahuman criminals are incarcerated in special metahuman prisons, like the one built on Alcatraz Island, which is outfitted not only with provisions to hold criminals whose powers are science and technology-based, but even mystical dampeners to hold villains whose powers are magic based.