Rani Rakshasi
Rani Rakshasi - 2
Real Name Unknown
Identity Secret
Species Human
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Cult Leader
Rani Rakshasi is an Indian supervillain. A major thorn in the side of the Indian]police and of Steel Shiva, Rani Rakshasi heads a cult of mindless thralls who would do anything to expand her grip and put her and her dark servants in charge of the region and, one day, the world.

History Edit

Rani Rakshasi's name is an inaccurate anglicisation of her true Hindi name, Rākṣasōṁ Kī Rānī, which translates as "Queen of Demons".

Rani Rakshasi's real identity is unknown but apparently she spent many years research books of arcane lore, including The Book of Blood, The Necronomicon, The Tome of the Gilded Succubi and the Gǔ Bìng Xié Gǔndòng.

Appearance Edit

Rani Rakshasi appears to be of mixed Indian/Chinese descent.

Powers Edit

Rani Rakshasi rarely neesd to get her hands dirty. Her powerful charisma has allowed her to cultivate an army of fanatical followers who will do whatever she wishes. As such, it is usually her agents who cross swords with those who oppose her.

Rani Rakshasi is in no way an easy foe to defeat when finally tracked down, though. She has mastery of magical powers, including demon summoning and mind control, which she uses to rule her clan and defeat her enemies.

Allies and Enemies Edit

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