Real Name Unknown
Identity Secret
Species Human
Nationality South African
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Eyes Black
Hair Red
Occupation Mercenary / Assassin
Recon is a South African mercenary offering her services to the highest bidder with no questions asked. Recon is wanted in connection with several high-profile crimes, including the attempted assassination of President Mari McCabe of Zambesi. She is considered one of the finest non-meta combatants of the age.

History Edit

Recon's early history is unknown. Considering her skill set it is assumed she may be ex-army, but no hard evidence has ever been found. What is known from her accent is that she is either a native of South Africa or a long-time resident.

Recon has been active for several years and has acquired the reputation as one of the finest operatives available in her field. She offers a highly discrete and highly effective service all over the world for an allegedly very high price.

Her most high-profile action is also her most notable failure: the attempted assassination of President Mari McCabe, which would have succeeded had it not been for the interference of precognition of Saturn Girl. Recon and Saturn Girl have clashed several times, leading to Recon dosing herself with psi-drugs to protect herself from psychic powers.

She has encountered the Justice League on several occasions, including an attempt to assassinate Mastermind and her work alongside the American government in Task Force X/The Injustice League.

Appearance Edit

Recon appears as a late 20s/early 30s human with pale skin and a shock of red hair. Obviously in good physical condition, she could easily be mistaken for some sort of athlete.

Powers Edit

Recon is perhaps one of the best trained humans on the planet, with an almost olympian skill-set. She has high human strength, agility, athleticism and peak conditioning; skilled hand-to-hand combatant including mastery of Krav Maga; excellent stealth & observation skills.

She is rarely without a host of weaponry: being proficient in many different solid and energy projectiles as well as her trademark katana.

Recon has been dosed with psi-drugs that render her mind awkward to read and possibly grant her some limited psionic powers of her own. (Anecdotal evidence suggests this is just the ability to communicate at range.)

Allies and Enemies Edit

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