Resurrection Man
Real Name Mitchell "Mitch" Shelley
Identity Secret
Species Human
Nationality American
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 163lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Marital Status Single
Occupation Lawyer
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Holiday Special 2009

History Edit

Mitchell "Mitch" Shelley was a lawyer who found himself an unwilling test subject for experimentation in nanotechnology, involving specialized devices nicknamed "tektites" by an organization known only as "the Lab". The experiments rendered Shelley effectively immortal albeit with a twist: he could still be killed, but the death would last a matter of seconds, perhaps minutes at most before the tektites would inevitably revive him, with a different superhuman power after each "resurrection".

But Mitchell may be even more special than he originally realised. He has died and been reincarnated countless times over the years, if his strange memories are to believed: and has somehow earned the hatred of Vandal Savage, an undying megalomaniac who claims to have known him since they were both cavemen. Mitch still has doubts about this story, considering it a ridiculous thing too far, but it seems clear that Vandal Savage believes it utterly.

Mitch is still not quite sure about whether to try and return to his law practice with his friend Barry or to take on the mantle of superhero that several people seem to have assumed for him. He has become a founding member of the new Justice League International, albeit mostly staying on reserve status.

Appearance Edit

Resurrection Man has a gravelly look, akin to Clint Eastwood. He is tall and well-built with what looks like greying hair, although his face is of indeterminate age.

Powers Edit

Resurrection Man's power works a little differently from a traditional superhero's. Whenever he is killed, he returns to life with a new power (or "gift" as he often refers to it) that correlates in some way to his death. These range from minor, almost dismissive abilities such as the changing of his skin color and making pyrotechnic butterflies to the extraordinary, such as the ability to transform into a musclebound monster with a bullet-proof hide.

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