Shiny Happy Aquazon
Shiny Happy Aquazon
Real Name Kim Kimura
Identity Public
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Base Of Operations Tokyo
Gender Female
Eyes Black
Hair Green
Marital Status Single
Occupation Media Superhero
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 2 Issue 008
Shiny Happy Aquazon (or Shainīhappī Aquazon) is a member of the Super Young Team and daughter of a member of the former Japanese superhero group the Wavemen.

History Edit

Daughter of Japanese superhero Junior Waveman Kimura, Shiny Happy Aquazon got into the superhero business mainly to try and achieve fame, but has accomplished very little heroing and has mostly spent her time opening museums and advertising Fetish, her perfume. This has been especially frustrating for Kim as she had hoped to live up to her father's name.

Appearance Edit

Shiny Happy Aquazon wears a green outfit with substantial fishnet sections on her arms, legs and upper chest. Her green hair is set in pigtails.

Powers Edit

Shiny Happy Aquazon's skills primarily come from her "underwater machines", gadgets also used by the Wavemen. She can summon and communicate with underwater creatures and can also shape water into hardened forms, turning into guns or swords.

Shiny Happy Aquazon also wears a harpoon gun which she is proficient in the use of.

Having spent much of her life in or around water, Shiny Happy Aquazon is a highly skilled swimmer.

Allies and Enemies Edit

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