Real Name Spring
Aliases April
Identity Secret
Nationality None
Base Of Operations Earth
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 128lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Marital Status Single
Occupation None
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Vol. 4 Issue 001

Spring is part of Earth's life and spirit forces incarnated into human form. She is the daughter of Mother Nature.

History Edit

This incarnation of Spring was born only a few days before meeting the Justice League International members in Vol. 4 Issue 001. For her everything seems fresh and new. However spring the season has existed for billions of years and other incarnation have existed before. She has retains knowledge from these but it is distant, as if from a dream.

Appearance Edit

Externally Spring looks like a normal, but extremely attractive, woman in the first few years of her adult life. She is a Caucasian with long brown hair and green eyes. She is preternaturally graceful and walks on the balls of her feet. People often compare her movements to that of a ballet dancer or a deer.

The obvious difference from normal is her clothing formed from an ever changing net of leaves, stems, and flowers. Vines often creep down her arms and legs. On her face is a eye mask made of the leaves from tiny alpine plants. If injured her inhuman nature means she bleeds sap rather than blood.

Powers Edit

She can control the growth of all types of plants and her ever-changing clothing is source of seeds and shoots of every type. Typically she deals with opponents by snaring them within her vines or sending them to sleep with the scent of soporific flowers.

Spring is an incarnated spirit and killing her current body will not destroy this spirit. It will take about a week for a new body to grown in a suitably lush forest glade somewhere.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

  • None

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