Steel Shiva
Real Name Akshay Adani
Aliases None
Identity Secret
Species Human
Nationality Indian
Base Of Operations New Delhi
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Marital Status Single
Occupation CEO of Adani Energies
First Appearance Justice League Beyond Holiday Special 2009
Steel Shiva is a superhero who first appeared in India in the early 2030s. He appears as a large metal humanoid and while the world knows that the body is a suit containing a human occupant, his identity remains unknown to the general public. In 2035, he was a founder member of the reformed Justice League International.

In fact, the identity of the creator of the suit and pilot of Steel Shiva is the Indian billionaire inventor and businessman Akshay Adani, the head of Adani Energies.

History Edit


Appearance Edit

Steel Shiva is a 7ft tall blue metal powered suit with six arms, whose face is sculpted into a beatific smile, reminiscent of many depictions of Hindu gods. Perched at the top of his head, is a sculpted crescent moon, which contains a fearsome energy weapon.

Powers Edit

The Steel Shiva suit is powered by a quantum zero-point energy source developed by Adani which provides all the energy that the suit could ever need. It provides an internal life-support system that allows Steel Shiva to operate in space or under water, and the outer casing is made from the alloy Madeupium (XXX fix!) which is both light and incredibly tough, as well as providing protection from radiation. The suit's toughness means that most bullets just glance off, unless the rounds are specially armour-piercing, and almost any radiation short of a nuclear warhead can be shrugged off.

The suit has a built-in jetpack which lets Steel Shiva fly at up to 500mph in an atmosphere and distributed all around it is a full suite of sensors and analysis equipment, including a basic sensor for detecting whether or not an object has a magical aura. The powered nature of the suit bequeaths Steel Shiva enormous strength, enabling him to lift over a hundred tonnes of weight, more for short periods of time if he stresses the suit beyond its specifications. The suit is also capable of operating under water with almost no hindrance and is capable of intra-solar system space travel.

The suit contains a restricted AI, a cut down version of Parvati, which enables almost preternatural reaction times, something which is invaluable in combat. Each of Steel Shiva's six arms can operate individually and this, combined with assistance from the AI, makes any foe coming within grappling range a fool indeed.

Allies and Enemies Edit

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Doc Otaku, the Japanese manufacturer of robots
  • Rani Rakshasi, Cult leader and sinister sorceress
  • Vali, power-duplicator and petty thug.